Come along with little Bobby as he discovers the ins and outs of his neighborhood barbershop.

Readers go on a learning adventure with Bobby as they encounter the daily happenings of this familiar gathering place.

Offering much more than just a walk through the alphabet, “Barbershop ABCs” informs and entertains young readers while building their vocabulary through charming dialogue and lifelike illustrations

The book is designed to foster a love of reading by providing material with which children can identify. Perfect for read-aloud or bedtime, kids will enjoy learning the sights and sounds of the community barbershop. Be sure to give your child the gift of this educational barbershop experience.

Little Bobby learns important lessons about how to behave at the barbershop, including .

sitting still in his barber’s chair during a haircut. Little Bobby also learns how to interact with both the barbers and other customers. He comes to find that the barbershop is not only a place where he can get a nice haircut, but also a place to make new friends and have fun.

About The Author

Robert Hosea Gibbs, known to most as Hosea, is a successful business owner and entrepreneur. He has been barbering since the age of sixteen. Originally from Elberton, Georgia, Hoseamoved to Atlanta after graduating high school. True to his entrepreneurial spirit, Hosea started barbering in a barbershop in South Dekalb Mall and ultimately went on to own a barbershop and a hair salon by the age of 24.

He currently owns and operates Details Barbershop in Decatur, Georgia. Hosea has always had an interest in literature that develops the whole person. In addition to writing books, his other interests includereal estate ownership and development, public speaking and golfing. He lives in metro Atlanta with his wife, Whitney and his two children Kennedy and Robert Gibbs, II.

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